Advanced Heating & Hot Water Systems

Advanced Heating & Hot Water Systems


The Elite VWH Hot Water Supply Boiler is the most efficient product in the market at a competitive price featuring the best advancements in low mass technology. The Elite VWH Hot Water Supply Boiler modulates its firing rate to match varying water heating needs, providing significant energy savings over traditional water heating systems. Its aesthetic appeal, versatility, serviceability, and quality construction ensure a superior, high performance appliance.


The Savings of an indirect water heater is one the most cost effective ways to heat water because it eliminates the tremendous flue losses associated with gas-fired storage water heaters but without the hassles and extra costs of tankless gas water heaters. When used with a modern, high-efficiency boiler, these energy savings hold true even in the summer when your boiler isn’t needed for heat

- most efficient way to heat water when used with a 95% HTP high efficiency boiler
- indirect water heaters install without the need to have additional exhaust piping 
- HTP’s indirect SuperStor Ultra offers a lifetime warranty
- indirect water heaters are 96% thermal efficient and lose only ½ degree per hour in heat loss
The all in one design of the Versa-Hydro appliance results in considerable space and cost savings, why install a boiler, a water heater, and a buffer tank, when you can install just one combination unit and save money, space and on installation.
The Phoenix Gas Fired Water Heater is an extremely versatile and efficient appliance suitable for a variety of commercial and residential water heating needs. The recipient of a Top 100 Products Award from Building Products Magazine, the Phoenix Gas Fired Water Heater provides large quantities of hot water without consuming large amounts of energy. Combined with whisper quiet operation and low NOx emissions, it is ideal for is ideal for use in hotels, apartment buildings, restaurants, laundry facilities, schools, homes, and more.